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Securos X-gen PROS/BOSS Orthofiber cruciate surgery

The Findon Vet Surgery is one of only a very few veterinary clinics performing this advanced anterior cruciate rupture surgery repair in Adelaide.

The Securos X-gen CCR system utilises accurately isometrically placed drilled bone tunnels strengthened by PROS and BOSS titanium implants. This cruciate rupture surgery is strongly advised for medium to larger-medium sized dog breeds, giving excellent results which are far superior to the De Angelis (lateral suture extracapsular routine surgery that is mostly offered in Adelaide) cruciate surgery.

The healing time to using the affected leg again, and well, is much quicker - please view this short video of Ivy only FOUR days after Securos X-gen surgery on her right leg AND she had her left cruciate operated on (also Securos X-gen) 3 month prior to this! Note that she hardly has a limp - with the DeAngelis lateral suture it  may take 1-3 months to reach this level.

The PROS implant is a hollow titanium screw with a smooth, curved exit to minimise or prevent wear and fraying, that would otherwise lead to breakdown of the orthofiber which passes through the PROS implant. The PROS implants are also raised 1.5mm so that the orthofiber that bridges between the two lateral isometrically placed PROS implants causes less crushing injury to the underlying tissues by spanning above the tissue.

Orthofiber is a very high strength braided multifibre prosthesis that is anchored on the other, the medial side, of the knee by titanium BOSS button implants.

The Orthofiber is looped through the BOSS buttons on the medial side and threaded back through the bone tunnels and out of the PROS bone tunnel implants, to be tightened using a specialised tensioning device to attain the optimal tension on the Orthofiber to attain the optimal stabilisation of the knee. The result is a doubled Orthofiber prosthesis that is then secured on the lateral side once the correct tension has been achieved.

A titanium crimping tube is placed over the two ends of the Orthofibre, connecting them together and a crimping device is used to crimp (crush it closed) the titanium tube over the Orthofibre, thus preventing it from pulling apart and securing it.This crimp avoids the risk of the Orthofibre snapping where it is knotted, if a surgical knot is tied instead of crimping. 

Benefits over De Angelis (Lateral Suture) technique:

  • Isometrically placed Orthofiber allows much more normal movement of the knee after surgery compared to DeAngelis lateral suture technique.
  • Isometrical points reduce the outward turning of a dog's leg often seen with De Angelis surgery.
  • Much more accurate and optimal tension to best stabilse the knee and thus better stabilisation greatly reducing meniscal cartilage tears after the surgery.
  • Less loosening of the Orthofiber because it is not crushing and cutting through underlying tissue.
  • Much longer lasting -  Orthofiber remains intact for the life of the patient, whereas the DeAngelis lateral surture breaks.

Benefits over TTA technique:

  • Stabilises the knee where as TTA does not.
  • Much less likely to have a meniscal (cartilage) tear after surgery than TTA.
  • Less confinement required during recovery and healing (2 weeks compared to 8-10 weeks for TTA).
  • No catestrophic breakdown (the leg bone may fracture after a TTA surgery).

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