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Ligafiba Isotoggle Cruciate Repair

Adelaide vets now offer the best dog cruciate surgery they have seen ... Yes, The Ligafiba isometric ( isotoggle ) cruciate rupture repair / surgery is an advanced surgery performed at the Findon Vet Surgery,  and the Seaton Vet Centre, Adelaide. The Ligafiba shown here is the small 150 Lb and 75 Lb technique. For the 250 LB and 500 Lb dog ACL repair surgery, the positioning is the same but the tensioning of the prosthesis is over the lateral (outside) of the stifle, over the joint space and secured here with a clamp after appropraite tensioning is applied to optimise the function of the knee after surgery. We have seen the best results of all dog cruciate surgery outcomes, and (excitingly!) especially so for large dog cruciate and giant breed dog cruciate surgery in Adelaide.

This technique uses the latest in materials that do not break down with time and use of the leg, and gives the best functional results as the Ligafiba is a supple braided material allowing freedom of movement, and the technique places the Ligafiba in (what are known as..) the isometric positions.

I have coloured the Ligafiba purple for visibility sake! << For a FULL Step-By-Step pictorial of the actual surgery CLICK HERE >> NOTE: the solid lines is the external Ligafiba, and the dotted lines the Ligafiba passing through bone tunnels. At Left, directly UNDER the far left black arrow head is a whitish strand running veritically - this is the "Long Digital Extensor tendon" and is an important landmark  - I clearly demonstrate this in the pictorial.

The isometric points between the lower end of the femur and the upper end of the tibia are such that the knee can move freely in its normal natural range without the Ligafiba material tightening and loosening. A MAJOR downside of the previous and commonly used De Angelis or lateral suture technique is that it is placed from behind the femur right across to the front of tiba, and returning through the joint area, and as the knee moves (flexes and extends) the nylon used tightens on extension, and loosens on flexion. 

As the De Angelis nylon tightens it also pulls and turns/rotates the front of the tibia, the lower leg, outwards! The other major drawback of this old technique is that the nylon breaks, or it can pull out from behind the fabella bone it is supposed to be anchored around (at the back of the knee), the knot of the tied nylon is large and the cut ends sharp, causing tissue damage and swelling - and significant pain and slows return to good function. All of these problems are avoided by the Ligafiba and the isometric placement.

In this cut-away diagram, you can see the tied ends of the Ligafiba at top-right. It is tied through a strong durable plastic button. The Ligafiba passes as doubled strands through the bone, under the grove for the knee cap, and exits on the left (lateral) side closer to the joint, passes OVER the joint to the tibia or shin bone, and again passes through the bone and loops through another plastic button on the lower right (medial) side.

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