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Heartworm disease in puppies

Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes and is readily prevented by Proheart SR-12 Injection.

Puppy Proheart SR-12 Injection Course:
  1. First (Puppy) injection due at 12 to 13 weeks of age (3 months of age).
  2. Second (Juvenile or Adolescent) injection due at 6 to 9 months of age and usually given at same time as desexing..
  3. Third (Adult) injection given with the first annual C5 vaccination, usually around 14 to 15 months of age.
  4. Once-a-year Proheart injection given with annual vaccination.
Proheart SR-12 Injection is unique in many ways:
  1. It has "reach-back". When a Proheart injection is given to a 3 month old puppy (12 to 13 weeks of age) it will effectively kill ALL heartworm larvae forms that are upto 3 months of age themselves ... this means that after just one injection at 3 months of age, ALL heartworm larvae infected into a puppy from a mosquito bite FROM the day of its birth are killed.
  2. Because of 1. above, a followup Heartworm Blood Test is NOT required. A puppy given a Proheart injection at 3 months of age CANNOT have Heartworm infection. ALL once-a-month Heartworm preventative treatments (tablets, chewies and skin spot-ons) are advised to have a Heartworm Blood Test 6 months after starting monthly preventatives. the Proheart SR-12 injection SAVES on this cost.
  3. Another benefit is that you will not have to remember to give a once-a-month Heartworm preventative treatment. If you do forget, or your puppy spits out the tablet, then a further Heartworm blood test is advised 6-7 months later - again!!! 
  4. Many monthly treatments COMBINE other chemicals for the ongoing prevention or treatment of fleas and intestinal worms. Currently we believe in minimising the level of chemicals being applied or given orally to our pets and giving Proheart specifically prevents Heartworm disease and nothing else. You then Treat for fleas, IF your puppy picks up a flea ... this may rarely happen, but occasionally puppies are in an environment where constant flea prevention is necessary.  Likewise with worms. We advise testing your puppy's stool for worms and other parasites at 16 weeks of age (after its puppy course of worm tablets) to ensure it is free of worms. Then, rather than blindly giving dewormer tablets every 3 months for life, do a stool parasite check every 6 months and treat only if parasites are found. This also greatly reduces the chemical burden on your puppy's system through out its life.

The second Proheart injection for puppies is given 3 months after its initial dose ... that is, at 6 months of age. We call this the Juvenile or Adolescent Proheart injection.This coincides with its desexing surgery, and is usually given at that time, while it is in at the vets for the day of its desexing operation. The second Proheart injection can be delayed a couple of months, if needed.

The first of the annual adult Proheart injections is given with your puppy's first annual C5 vaccination. It is then given once-a-year and provides a constant protection against this potentially fatal disease.

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