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Puppy Preschool Enrolment in South Australia

Have fun learning with your puppy at Findon Vet Surgery and Seaton Vet Centre in Adelaide. Puppy school classes are starting often, please call for the next puppy preschool starting date. If the next puppy class is not starting for one to two weeks, then we advise attending our puppy socials weekly beforehand - please call to find out more about these safe and fun puppy social.

►►► Puppy Socials : NEW to our Seaton Vet Centre !

A worker at a puppy preschool in South AustraliaStarting in April 2016, we are commencing Puppy Socials. Puppy Socials are one hour long and our new Puppy Preschool puppies will have TWO FREE puppy Socials !

Mollie, one of our puppy trainers and behaviourists, with her hands full during our popular puppy socials. Much of the puppy social has one of our nurses watching for signs 

of anxiety and preventing altercations, and maintaining a happy play environment for wonderful socialisation. AND I assure you, this intervention is CONSTANT ... I have neveer seen our nursing staff so exhausted as they are after each puppy social!!!

Puppy preschool (also called puppy school or puppy classes) are great fun for you, your puppy and your family. They are even fun for us!

However they have a very serious side with your puppy learning how to behave around others (people AND other puppies) and both it and yourself taking those first steps to a joyful and fulfilling, yet responsible, life together!

Puppy Preschool consists of 4 classes held once a week. There are 2 to 3 different time slots per week for ou to choose between.

Puppy Social: A one hour socialisation session held once weekly for puppies between 2 and 5 months of age. All puppies attending our puppy preschool classes can come along for 2 free puppy socials. Excellent way of continuing a puppy's socialisation in conjunction with their PreSchool or introducing to other puppies in a safe and fun environment. Puppy social is also available for puppies before they start puppy preschool  and after they graduate from puppy school class.

CLICK HERE to see the details of what is covered in each of the four puppy classes.

Puppies must be between 8 and 14 weeks of age, have had their first puppy vaccination (which we must see the vaccination certificate to confirm) and you must have had them for at least one week (and confined to home – a quarantine period ensuring all puppies attending cannot have any infectious diseases!).

Puppies must have been checked by one of our vets (please make use of our FREE Puppy Health Check if we haven't already met and examined your puppy when we did its vaccination) prior to commencing Puppy Preschool.

You will learn about puppy care, commence puppy training and your puppy will gain valuable socialisation skills. Puppies that have been to our classes LOVE coming back to the surgery as they associate it with fun and excitement!

We hold classes most weeks, and up to THREE classes a week during busy times of the year. Please call for start dates, which day of the week they are held, and availability – call as soon as you get your puppy as classes fill quickly and you don’t want to miss out!

Findon Vet Surgery and Seaton Vet Centre provide puppy classes for a large part of Adelaide's puppy population!

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