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Pet Mobility: Seaton Dog Cruciate, Arthritis and Rehabilitation Centre


The Accell Therapy Mat has several vibrating motors that deliver a deep penetrating massage that can be set on a gentle relaxing cycle, a therapeutic massage cycle or a pulsing surge for muscle or tendon therapy. The motors vibrate eccentrically and are set at 90 degrees to generate to-and-fro, and side-to-side vibrations plus a circular vibration that is described as 3 dimensional or cycloidal vibration.

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Studies demonstrate body wide stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, as well as a loosening effect on stiff and/or painful joints. Thermal imaging shows the effects last for 6 to 8 hours but pet owners say that their pet appears to improve in activity, mobility and even alertness for up to three days.


YES! The company, NIAGARA, has been making cycloidal massage equipment for humans since 1949, providing therapeutic beds and chairs for people and branched into manufacturing ACCELL Therapy Mats for pets several years ago after the success of manufacturing EQUISSAGE equipment for horses for many years.

There are MANY studies and journal articles on the proven benefits of NIAGARA, and hence, ACCELL Therapy cycloidal masage including: Stimulation of skin wound and ulcer healing, Stimulation of lower leg and peripheral blood and lymph circulation, beneficial effects on pulmonary (lung) function and breathing in emphysema patients, on biomechanical function, 

In Adelaide dog cruciate surgery, pet rehabilitation, and pet physiotherapy, especially after large dog cruciate and giant breed cruciate repair surgery is strongly advised and supported by us at the Seaton Vet Centre.

Pet mobility is a very important issue! Just like us, pets need to keep mobile ... to keep active. And like the old saying "if you don't use it ... you lose it!" is so true of people, it is equally so for our pets. Dog rehab, in particular, is extremely beneficial.

  • Pets having ZYDAX or CARTROPHEN injections (boosters or course) receive FREE Accell Therapy Mat sessions at Seaton Vet Centre (valued at $19:00 per session).
  • Pets having CRUCIATE, PATELLA or ORTHOPAEDIC surgeries receive THREE MONTHS FREE use of our Fit-Fur-Life treadmill and Accell therapy (Value up to several hundred dollars).

Our pets' activity levels may decrease for a variety of reasons: the most common reason being arthritis. Osteoarthritis in particular.

After an operation, pets may also be less inclined to move about ,and similar to the human experience, the current rehabilitation philosophy is to get the patient moving as soon as is practicably possible after surgery. This is particularly important after joint or orthopaedic surgeries, but also for any other procedure and we know it benefits abdominal surgeries. Physiotherapy for pets speeds their recovery.

We perform a large number of dog anterior cruciate ligament repair surgeries, medial patella luxation and general orthopedic surgeries and have found pet owners have great difficulty in safely rehabilitating their pets after surgery because of slippery home floors, uneven outside ground ... and the unpredictability associated with other dog interactions, OR their own dog suddenly becoming excitable and bouncy! Large dog and giant dog breeds that have had cruciate surgery benefit the most from physicl therapy.

Pet Physical Therapy at the Seaton Vet Centre

  • ACCELL Therapy Mat: (Also known as Equissage for horses and Niagara therapy for people.) Provides a deep penetrating massage that has no harmful side-effects.
    1. The dog and cat Accell therapy mat produces vibrations that travel through 700mm of tissue, and 1.4 metres of bone (so effective even for a large dog standing on the mat).
    2. The vibrations are 3-D, three dimensional, being back-to-forward, side-to-side and eliptical (via an eccentric motor). This specific action is known as cycloidal vibration.
    3. Accell therapy stimulates circulation throughout the body and thermal imaging demonstrates this effect lasting for EIGHT hours. It also stimulates Lymphatic flow and the 3-D action loosens stiff joints by passive exercise, easing the thickened fibrous joint capsule to allow greater range of limb motion.
    4. The Accell Therapy mat is excellent for treating arthritic pets, for post-surgery physio, for debilitated or obese pets, for anxious pets, post injury, post exercise.
    5. The Accell mat has ten intensity settings plus three different action settings:
    • STANDARD setting - constant vibration of the selected setting and commonly used for day-to-day treatments
    • CPM (Cyclo Poly Modulation) setting - is a deeper surging action that provides extra stimulation by altermating between the highest and lowest settings quickly. Ideal for rehabilitation involving ligaments, muscles and tendons.
    • Tranquil-ssage setting - slow moving rhythmical waves of cycloid vibration Therapy which penetrates deeply into tissue and produces an hypnotic effect on the nervous system. Excellent introductory setting to gain pet's confidence in the mat, and the unique undulation achieves the ultimate in relaxation.
  • " FIT-FUR-LIFE" Treadmill in Seaton Vet Centre rehab room.
  1. A treadmill specifically engineered for dogs.
  2. Cushioned and non-slip surface that is flat/even. Very important in rehabilitation  - the avoidance of uneven surface, slippery or unsteady ground.
  3. Very slow to fast settings and elevation for added strength building.
  4. Under construction: A ceiling track with suspensors supporting dogs in a harness to modify their weight and thus reduce stressors on limbs (joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons). Ideal for all stages of rehab or arthritis management as variable weight means earlier and less painful mobilisation and function.
  5. Excellent for rehab after joint and bone surgery, for spinal patients, overweight, senior and arthritic patients.
  6. Much loved by owners of show dogs who want to exercise their dogs without them getting matted, dirty or be at risk of altercations with other dogs.
  7. Excellent for owners who themselves are unable to exercise their dogs as much as they would otherwise like.


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