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Free benefits for puppies and kittens desexed at our vets in Adelaide

Desexing is a major operation, especially for female puppies and kittens where the similar surgery in a human is an ovariohysterectomy: the removal of the uterus and both ovaries. Both males and females, however, need a full general anaesthetic for their desexing surgeries and these always carry a small risk.

At the Findon Vet Surgery and Seaton Vet Centre in Adelaide, we have an exceptional safety record. One of the reasons for this is that we believe it is manatory that all dog desexing procedures, and all cat speys must have intravenous fluid therapy - and we include this at no charge to you, the pet owner.

FREE IV Fluid therapy for puppy speys, puppy castrations and cat speys (not cat castrations as it is a short procedure)

IV fluids maintains the blood volume and blood pressure, maximising the heart and circulatory function so that your pet copes far better under the anaesthetic. It ensures excellent kidney and liver function, and this dramatically asists in the body eliminating the anaesthetic from the system at the end of the surgery. Your puppy wakes up quickly and has less effects from the anaesthetic afterwards. Unfortunately this might mean you were expecting a sleepy puppy or kitten on discharge from our surgery - but you find your puppy bounding out playfully to greet you, with us trying to keep it calm... difficult when they love you soooo much :) And your kitten smooching and purring loudly!!

FREE Upgraded anaesthetic monitoring including SPO2 (blood oxygen), BP (blood pressure), Core body temperature, on top of the routine heart rate and respiratory monitoring, and nurse monitoring of patient.

Our additional electronic monitoring provides detailed ongoing analysis of your pet's state and depth of anaesthesia, alerting us to early signs of changes in management of the anaesthetic. We use the safest techniques, but this in-depth monitoring enhances this level of safety even further, providing a standard of care we believe every puppy and kitten deserves!

FREE basic blood screen for anaemia, inflammation and kidney disease.

We always perform a minimum database blood screen on our patients undergoing a general anaesthetic, However we also have more comprehensive blood testing available. Approximately 4% of young puppies and kittens have a congenital liver or kidney disease - both of which can be detected by a simple blood screen on the morning of the desexing operation.

FREE pain relief (Analgesia) on the day of the surgery and for 24 hours.

We provide two forms of analgesia for our patients undergoing a desexing operation. Firstly we premedicate the patient with a powerful painrelieving opioid injection prior to the surgery. This also calms the patient and is combined with a sedative as well, so that when the patient wakes up from the anaesthetic, they are still relaxed and stress-free! This injection lasts for 4-6 hours. A second longer acting injection is also given, an AntiInflammatory Pain relieving injection that lasts over 24 hours.

The Findon Vet Surgery and Seaton Vet Centre look after Adelaide's puppies and kittens in our western suburbs, including Fulham Gardens, Henley Beach, Grange, Fulham, Lockleys, Seaton. Royal Park, Underdale, Torrensville, Brooklyn Park, Woodville Gardens, Allenby Gardens, Welland, Beverley, Kidman Park, Flinders Park, West Croydon, Woodville, Royal Park, Hendon, Tennyson and Fullham Gardens.

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