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The ACCELL  therapy mat contains several motors that vibrate eccentrically (‘Off-Centre’) and provide a cycloidal, circular motion. The motors are placed  aligned from left-to-right, and at right angles from front-to-back. The result is a complex three-dimensional ( 3-D) vibration that studies demonstrate go through four feet of bone and two feet of body tissue.

The effect of this vibration is a body-wide skin-to-deep tissue vibration that very effectively stimulates a wide range of body functions. Thermal imaging clearly demonstrates a dramatic increase in the blood circulation of the skin and that this effect lasts up to 8 hours.

The immediate effect is an improvement in a patient’s well being and activity, which appears much more obvious the older or more debilitated the patient is, and the higher setting of the Accell vibration used.

Studies over many decades in animals and humans has demonstrated specific changes caused by the cycloidal vibrations that explain the improvements in the quality of life of senior, geriatric, arthritic or ill or debilitated pets.


This has always been the most obvious benefit and easily demonstrated  effect. Benefits include -

· Removal of waste products (‘toxins’) and inflammatory enzymes from the interstitial fluid including lactic acid (akin to ‘detox’)

· Wound healing (both skin and deep wounds) by delivering improved blood supply and removal of cellular material of dead disintegrating cells that trigger inflammation

· Reduction in swelling

· Improved resolution of bruising

· Joint injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions

· Possible reduction of blood pressure and reduced resistance of blood flow through the tissues caused by heart disease

· Delivers better oxygenation and nutrients to those tissues that suffer poor capillary circulation

In summary, the body-wide improved blood circulation makes the pet FEEL better, brighter and more energetic. It promotes healing and can improve heart function, and thereby, improve other body organ functions. Stimulates and invigorates senior, geriatric or unwell pets WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS.


The body’s lymph fluid flow is passive - that is, it is pushed around the body by the action of gravity, centrifugal forces and muscular activity through one-way vessels and returned by muscular action and by the action of the joints, effectively squeezing the lymphatic vessels and pushing the lymph fluid back up to the chest where it re-enters the blood stream at the base of the neck.

Lymph fluid is the fluid in the tissues that lies between the tissue’s cells and the blood circulation. Both beneficial and toxic substances, that do NOT dissolve in blood, are thus carried around the body in lymphatic fluid.

Along the way, the lymph fluid is forced through a number of Lymph Nodes that filter out and destroy bacteria and viruses, and infected cells. It also delivers white blood cells around the body and carries important digestive products, like fatty acids, from the intestines.

The lymphatic flow stimulated by the Accell Therapy is VERY important in a pet’s immune function and aiding in removal of waste products that don’t get carried by the blood.


Arthritic joints stiffen when a pet rests or sleeps. This is because during inactivity there is a build up of inflammatory fluid in the joint, which swells it and forms a tight sac of fluid. Plus the joint capsule is inflamed and the body responds with attempts to heal and strengthen it by thickening the capsule with fibrous cells, which is effectively scar tissue. Thus the joints become swollen and stiffer and upon awaking or arising from a long rest, the joints are sore and stiff.


Once the pet gets up and gets moving, the joint capsule is stretched (little by little with leg movement) and the joint fluid is partly resorbed through this activity, allowing greater freedom of movement, and the limp or stiffness eases.

As soon as we stop, the swelling and stiffness returns!

The cycloidal action of the Accell Therapy is described as 3-D and is akin to tiny movements of the joint in all directions providing tiny stretches that reduce the stiffness of the joint capsule. Blood circulation around the joint is also stimulated, and the blood supply in the joint capsule helps absorb and remove inflammatory fluid from the joint, easing the swelling, tightness and pain.

The end result is less stiffness when getting up, and  greater general mobility, probable reduction in the progression or worsening of the arthritis, and less pain.

ACCELL Therapy mats have come about after many years and experience in human therapy.

NIAGARA manufactures human therapy chairs, beds and mats and has 60 years of studies by a variety of institutions into the benefits of  the cycloidal  vibrations to back up their claims!

EQUISSAGE is a therapy system developed for horses and used extensively in the pet and horse racing industry. 

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