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We have a NEW Youtube Channel called "Occy's Vet" (Yes, that's me... Dr Ian!) and I will be bringing you interesting and useful TIPS on pet care & training, on travelling & camping with your amazing dog, my adventures with Occy (a Smooth Coated Tri-colour Border Collie), plus thought provoking ideas and more interesting cases & surgeries ... 

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR DOG'S EYES and make your own Saline Eye Wash

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Our Seaton Vet Centre 

NOW OPEN 7 Days!

       Sundays from 9am to 1pm     

 *** ONLY a $30.00 SUNDAY SURCHARGE ***

  • Sunday Consult $99.90     ( = $69.90  + $30 Surcharge)
  • Sunday Dog C5 Vaccination $119.90      ($89.90 + $30)
  • Sunday Cat F3 Vaccination $109.90       ($79.90 + $30)
  • Sunday Anal Gland express $61.50        ($31.50 + $30)

              Phone: 8155 5200 for Seaton Vet Centre  




The Findon Vet Surgery opened in May 1991, with myself (Ian) my wife Ali (as vet nurse and receptionist) AND our 3 month old daughter, Ella, in a bassinet behind the reception desk! It was certainly a family atmosphere as we also LIVED in the surgery, with our bedroom coming off of the consult room, and no kitchen to speak of (just a microwave on top of the dog cages…oh, and a kettle!!!). A year later our son, Angus, joined the team.

Ten years later we moved to our current purpose-renovated building, previously a medical clinic. Being designed as a vet surgery has meant that it is highly functional and very pleasing and efficient to work in.

We rapidly grew and now have three full-time veterinarians and 4 to 5 veterinary nurses to provide a vet service I am very proud of.

We strive to complement our vet services with cost saving rewards for certain routine procedures – see below about our CitiPaws Club and our No Consult Fee unless service or treatment provided, and what we routinely include in our dog and cat desexings..

Our services include:

  • Day-to-day pet care advice, Puppy School and behaviour advice.
  • Routine veterinary services eg. Vaccinations, desexing, general consultations and surgery.
  • Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Birds and Exotics.
  • Orthopaedic surgery and joint surgery (bone plating  of fractures, cruciate ligament repair, patella luxation repair/dislocated kneecap).
  • Complex soft tissue surgeries (abdominal surgery, perineal hernia and inguinal hernia repairs, ear surgery, anal gland surgery, skin grafts, cancer surgery).
  • Diagnostic procedures (CSF brain fluid collection, cytology of needle biopsies and aspirates, skin cytology, ear cytology, blood testing, urinalysis, faeces testing and more).
  • Radiography – Direct Digital X-Rays.
  • Anaesthesia management with one of the best possible safety records achieved through use of safe and tailored anaesthetics, detailed monitoring, excellent pain management and maintenance of patient’s core body temperature.
  • Dentistry – including routine scale and polish, oral surgery of fractured teeth, and nerve block pain management.

No Consult Fee unless service or treatment provided was introduced by us to encourage pet owners to seek our opinion or advice on often minor issues before they become more complicated problems that also increase costs, increase risks to the pet and may not be as easily healed or fixed! Many consults are thus NO CHARGE when no treatment is actually required!

CitiPaws Club is a simple way of us rewarding our clients who vaccinate their dogs and cats with a 20% discount on their Super Premium dog and cat food, and prescription diets as well.No joining fee, and ‘membership’ is automatic for 12 months from each annual vaccination.

Desexing of dogs and cats, especially of females, is a complex and difficult surgery. To maximise the anaesthetic safety and minimise any risk, we INCLUDE IV Fluids AND the Mindray anaesthetic monitoring system at no additional charge (saving approx. $110.00). We also manage body temperature and patient recovery in such a way that even our patients, your much loved pups and kittens, love coming back in again and again!


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